Did you know that a recent study showed that only 11% of identity theft was internet originated? The rest came from the misuse of information commonly found in your homeís trash. Your solution? An I Shred container next to your trash into which you deposit all the junk mail, statements, applications, letters and documents that you wish to be destroyed. When itís full, bring it to your I Shred store and leave with an empty container and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information will be completely destroyed that day. You will have a Certificate of Destruction in your e-mailís inbox that night to prove it.

For businesses, in-house shredding uses valuable employee time, stealing focus away from core business activities. Employees may be shredding material they should not be allowed to see. The availability of a shred bin makes it easier to follow the guidelines for what should be shredded because it is far more convenient than shredding them oneself.. Office shredders are messy, require maintenance, have limited capacity and require organizations to complete an extra step by putting the shredded material in the trash or recycling stream. And letís be honest here. That paper winds up in the trash, not the recyclerís.

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